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Living Sun Tarot

I'm very proud to present  my "International Bazaar" - my  featured merchants provide a vast selection of unique, high quality merchandise from the four corners our beautiful planet! Africa, China, Tibet, India and the United States- so much cool stuff to check out!


 Peaceful and empowering tools for transpersonal growth. Especially popular in metaphysical, spirituality, 12-step and self-help communities, the Spirit Circle gifts offer simple encouragement for total wellness of body, mind and spirit.


Now and Zen creates items that are both beautiful and useful- fountains, wind chimes, tea sets, spirit tools, gifts, and the totally unique Zen alarm clocks and affirmation stations. Now and Zen designs their products to promote "quality of thought and stillness of being". Their mission is to help improve society through art and commerce, and to embody the values of personal growth, alternative health care, and environmental sustainability.


Enchanted Jewelry has so much more to offer in addition to their vast line of quality New Age, ethnic and Pagan jewelry- handmade candles and soaps, aromatherapy, greeting cards, books, dream pillows, incense...... try the drop down menus on the home page to discover all they have to offer.


CHINA FENG SHUI has art work from Tibet and China- all kinds of Tibetan thangkas like the one pictured, camphor wood Buddha statues, calligraphy, feng shui items, fine art paintings, and embroidery like you've never seen!



  Shalin Craft is a woman owned business from India featuring the most sumptuous fabrics,  gorgeous exotic costumes,  furnishings, miniture paintings, and if you've ever wanted to learn to play a sitar, check it out! They also have pages full of folk tales, history, customs and religion, so if you've ever been curious about India.....



 Africa Imports has a  large selection of genuine, hand dyed African fabrics, clothing, jewelery, musical instruments, toys, arts and crafts, furniture, even cosmetics and fragrances.  Click the button that says "free articles"- you'll discover a wealth of educational information about the cultures of Africa.

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