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What do you think prosperity is? Do you simply think it's another word for rich? Or do you understand the word "prosper" as a synonym for thrive, flower, prevail, to blossom? Do you see prosperity in terms of growth?

It's true not everyone in the world can be rich, and not everyone who is rich got that way for the right reasons. It's true most of the jobs in this world are jobs no one really wants, that don't pay enough, and all these jobs need to be, and will be filled - but by you?

Prosperity is worth a try, isn't it? Start by getting a clear picture of who you are, and what you can do. Be selfish - it's your life, and what you do with it, and how you feel about it, plays a huge role in your prosperity - remember, to prosper means to grow.

The first thing you need to do? Stop thinking about money! Let go of "mental metaphysics" - start feeling about it. Feeling plays the largest role in manifesting - what you put your emotions to, (not your thoughts) is where your energy is flowing, and what your energy is focused on will eventually come your way.

The ancients believed not just the soul, but intelligence, resided in the heart. They meant it quite literally - they thought with their hearts, not with their heads. They lived from the heart.

The bottom three chakras are your female energy, yin, and the top three are your male energy,  yang. The heart chakra stands between the two. Centering yourself in the heart creates a unified whole, uniting the creative and intuitive female energy with the intellectual and realistic male energy. When the male and female energies are united, there is no conflict. When you feel no conflict, there is nothing to hold you back. So follow your heart!

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