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Sunra Phoenix
Living Sun Tarot

Sunra Phoenix self portrait in Sedona

I was born into a family with a deep interest in clairvoyance, spirituality and metaphysics. My parents met during "The Summer of Love", and I was raised to honor the Earth, and hold Nature in high reverence. I come from a family where the clairvoyant arts were encouraged and fostered in the most healthy and natural way imaginable, and dreams were treated as special gifts. Tarot has a lot in common with dreams - they both use a symbolic picture language which is interpreted through emotion and psychic intuition. I received my first tarot deck nearly twenty years ago, and it quickly became a life long best friend.

Besides my psychic and clairvoyant abilities, I also have almost 10 years experience as a counsilor and social worker working with the mentally ill and the homeless.  Working with people comes naturally to me, and I feel it's what I was born to do. I've met so many terrific people, and the work is never dull. I feel so blessed! 

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