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Love Spell
Living Sun Tarot

Here's my favorite, all purpose, perpetual love spell! Give it a try, it really works!


With each tarot reading, I'll e-mail you at least one free love spell, to fit your specific needs. My magic spells work on the principle of channeling the potent forces of Nature to not only work for you, but to transform you into a more successful personality. My unique brand of magic spells enhance the recipient's own natural abilities, instincts, and psychic life energy, enabling them to succeed in the most natural way possible. All life is woven into a tapestry of Cosmic and Earthly energy - the purpose of the magic spell is to pick out the right "threads" that will lead you to your goals and desires. Remember, you will always receive more love with the forces of Nature working on your side, so keep your eyes and heart open to receiving the gifts the Universe will offer. The threads of life criss cross, weave in and out, and when you least expect it, Love will cross your path and blossom! love spell, love spell, love spell, love spell love spell love spell love spell love spell love spell magic love spell love spells love spells love spells love spell love magic spell, magic spells, love spell, love spells, money spell, money spells, love spells, magic love spells spells, love spell, love spells, love spell, love spell, love spellslove spell love spells


Love Spell

I've hyperlinked some of the ingredients, in case you have trouble finding them!

You will need to get a pretty flower pot, large enough for the plant you will nurture, something in ceramic or terra cotta (not plastic).

A pink candle

Ylang-ylang, rose or vanilla oil (whichever you like best)

A passion flower (passiflora) plant

Spring water and house plant food

Vanilla, rose or sandlewood incense

Passion flower tea

A journal

On the evening before the full moon, make a cup of passion flower tea, and set up an area where you can leave the ceremonial items undisturbed, overnight (an altar). Place your plant in the center. Contemplate this plant, admire it, and with love repeat this Earth prayer-

I am grounded and rooted firmly in the earth, like this plant. I draw nourishing energy from the Earth, the Sun, the Air, and Water, like this plant. The elements of life sustain me.

Add the recommended amount of plant food to the spring water, and say this Water prayer-

Cool water, symbol of emotion, sometimes still, sometimes turbulent, but always moving. Like a great river, the deep ocean, the gentle stream, I will not grow stagnant, and I ask the powers that protect and guide me to bless and purify this offering.

Place this water to the left of your plant.

Inside the pot, with a permanent marker, write your name. Then write your incantation-

I am a living, growing being, just like this plant, always changing, always growing, reaching for my own fertile, emotional maturity. Reaching Heavenwards, I nourish and nurture this beautiful plant, the symbol of the love I have to give, and the love I deserve to receive. Everyday the love in my life grows a little bigger, a little greener, more lush, and soon it will blossom and bear fruit. I am grateful to God and the Universe for the love I receive from this plant I care for, from the people in my life, both familiar and new, from animals and nature, and most importantly from myself.

Make sure you get a pot big enough to write all this!

Now, take the pink candle, and anoint it with the oil. Dab some of the oil on the incense, and on yourself, too. Place the candle on a small saucer or candle holder, and then put it inside the pot, and set it to the right of the plant. As you light the candle, say the Fire prayer-

Candle flame, element of fire, burn away the unhappiness I no longer need.

Allow yourself to relax, and clear your mind. (I suggest you use the meditation techniques on this website.) Imagine yourself to be like the candle- feel the line of energy running up through your center, like a wick, and feel the aura about your head like a flame.

Then repeat the incantation you wrote in the pot. This is your personal incantation.

Say it over til you feel satisfied, then light the incense with the candle. Say this Air prayer with a sense of joy.

My prayers, my hopes, my dreams are carried like smoke on the wind, to Heaven. The element of Air is everywhere, yet unseen, and like God, it sustains, and connects, all life. My breath is my connection to all life and God, and I remember to breathe life in deeply, as my constant, sustaining prayer.

Spend the rest of your evening quietly, play gentle music, relax, and contemplate the meaning of the words you have said for the spell. Let the candle burn down all the way. PLEASE, make sure it is in a place where nothing can catch on fire!

In the morning, after youve had breakfast and feel awake, remove the candle from the pot, and plant your plant. As you are working, admire the beauty of the plant, smell its fragrance, feel and smell the soil, and say the Earth prayer. Say your incantation as you work. Say the Water prayer as you water the plant with the spring water. Find a nice, sunny place for your plant, and say the Air prayer. Then light some more incense, say the Fire prayer, and be done with the ritual. It is very important that you feel finished!

As you sustain and grow your plant, so you will sustain and grow the spell. But it is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not obsess on it! Just know that it is happening, and allow yourself to relax.

Make a habit of wearing a little of the rose or bergamot oil as a perfume, and when you really need to relax, drink a cup of passion flower tea, and contemplate the prayers. Dont think about the prayers, or obsessively repeat them in your head, but contemplate, which means to meditate on the meaning behind the words. Use the prayers as positive affirmations.

When your passion flower is mature enough, you can harvest a few leaves to make tea, and you may even get lucky, and your plant will bear edible fruit! If your plant dies, dont worry, or take it as a bad omen! It could be the plant has absorbed and removed a lot of negativity. Just repeat the ritual, and if you think a passion flower plant just isnt going to do well in your home, try a miniture rose, or maybe a hibiscus. The flowers of these plants can also be used to make tea!

Know that you and your life will now begin to change, perhaps quickly, maybe slowly, but change it will! Be patient, the amount of emotional healing you require will determine how quickly the spell will work. Spells don't work overnight- it might be a week, a month, maybe even a year before you really notice a difference, so be patient with yourself. Use the journal to vent your feelings, good and bad, and use it to define the qualities of the person you hope to meet.

Good Luck, my Prayers are with you,


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