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Living Sun Tarot

What Can a Tarot Reading Do For You?


I can help you see your situation from an objective and new perspective. A psychic reading can help point out your strengths, identify your weaknesses, shed light on the pitfalls you face, and give you pointers on how to succeed. It can not make a 100% accurate prediction for the future- your future is unwritten, and is ultimately in your own hands. My magic spells work on the principle of channeling the potent forces of Nature to not only work for you, but to transform you into a more successful personality. My unique brand of magic spells enhance the recipient's own natural abilities, instincts, and psychic life energy, enabling them to succeed in the most natural way possible.
Check the telephone icon below to see if I'm currently available to talk to you; if not, click it anyways, and you can arrange for a time to speak live. I'll send you 5 free phone minutes! It's $1.99 a minute.
Or, you can get an e-mail tarot reading. E-mail tarot readings are great, because it gives you something solid you can refer back to again and again! Click on the PayPal button below, to send your secure payment via credit card, or directly from your PayPal account, if you already have one. E-mail tarot readings are only $25, and if you have any questions, or need clarification about the reading, please feel free to e-mail me, or use your 5 free phone minutes to speak to me in person.
 Please use the drop down menus to clarify whether this is about money, love, or some other concern, and who's involved, so I can tailor the spread to your needs. Type in the details in the "additional comments" box on the Pay Pal page. For those of you in Great Britian and Europe- Pay Pal now accepts Pound Sterling and Euros! 
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Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Blessings Always,

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disclaimer- readings are for entertainment purposes only.

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