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Living Sun Tarot
tarot reading and magick by Sunra Phoenix

You've found Living Sun Tarot, the web
home of clairvoyant Sunra Phoenix!

The purpose of Sunra's psychic tarot readings is to help you get what you want
from life. She achieves this by helping you shift your focus, from the drama of your personality, to the perspective of your Higher Self. The tarot readings are presented not as a psychic prediction, but as a clairvoyant look at the psychological factors and dynamics effecting you and those around you. Sunra will use the tarot to make positive suggestions that can help you make the necessary changes...Sunra will help you understand life from a new perspective, and help you to build positive new attitudes. You will no longer be imprisoned by your
reactions - challenges and obstacles will become
opportunities for growth.

Please take some time to explore this site, even if you don't get a tarot reading today! There's plenty of useful and interesting information to get you going in a new direction, with more to come!

If I'm not available, call Wejee's 24/7 Psychic Helpline. They're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

e-mail tarot readings are great- they're very detailed, and it gives you something to refer back to again and again! Order an e-mail tarot reading, and I'll send you a free love spell, (or any kind of magic spell) tailored to your situation, plus 5 free phone minutes.