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I am Raven Starr, professional tarot reader and High Priestess of the Isis Earth Song coven, here on the beautiful Pacific Coast.

Fire, Water, Earth and Air- these are the elements represented by the Tarot. The elements speak to those quiet enough to listen- to flow in harmony with Nature is to nurture your knowingness. I have learned we must look within ourselves for the cycles that correspond to the natural world, and try to move in harmony with the cosmic stream of life. Our teachers come in the form of trees, rivers, lakes, meadows, and mountains, as well as other humans who have walked the path before us. Air, Fire, Water, and Earth combine to manifest all creation. From these four elements we gain wisdom, and understand how our lives unfold. The rhythm of nature is also the rhythm of our lives. We must attempt to dance in step with Mother Earth, or our lives will continually be out of balance.

I offer psychic insights and practical suggestions that can assist you in more confidently directing your course in life. Please come with anything you have in your heart. I welcome all questions, and will do my best to bring you clarity and peace.
Raven Starr