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Tarot speaks to and through the subconscious, the Inner Self, and reflects the epic, mythical journey we all follow with our hearts. Sometimes our path isn't clear to us- shrouded in the fog of confusion, battered by the storms of emotion, and choked by the dust of times past, our Life's Path often seems to be a difficult road to travel.

Tarot can act as a roadmap, reflecting the path of our hearts, and Magick can give us the strength and purpose to carry us through to our ultimate, highest destiny.

I would be happy to read the Tarot for you, and to guide you in the use of Magick in your daily life. I do not perform Magick with or for those outside my coven, but I will gladly help you to learn to help yourself, with personal spells and rituals to help focus and strengthen your life, and your life's purpose. I ask a nominal charge of $20 for tarot readings, and $10 for a custom spell, which you can perform yourself.

Click on Lady Isis for a reading, and on the Magick Hand for a spell.
Customers of Wejee's Metaphysical Superstore can recieve a free 3 card reading, or a magick spell. Click here for details. If this is urgent, and you need someone to talk to now, try Wejee's 24/7 Psychic Helpline