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I am Isis, I gave laws to mankind and ordained what no one can change
I am the eldest daughter of Kronos
I am the wife and sister of Osiris
I am the mother of Horus
I am the one who rises in the Dogstar
I separated the Earth from the Heaven
I showed the path of the stars
I guided the course of the Sun and the Moon
I am the one who discovered wheat for mankind
I brought together woman and man
I am the one called Goddess by women
I initiate men into the Mysteries
I instructed them to revere the gods
I abolished the rule of tyrants
I put an end to murders
I compelled women to be loved by men
I made the right stronger than gold and silver
I ordained that truth be considered good
I made the good and the bad to be distinguished by nature
I made that nothing should be more fearful than an oath
I impose Justice upon those who do injustice
I decreed that mercy be shown to supplicants
I honor those who justly defend themselves
With me the right has power
I am the Mistress of War
I am the Mistress of rivers and winds and sea
I am the Mistress of the thunderbolt
I calm the sea and make it surge
I am in the rays of the Sun
I attend the Sun in its journey
What I decree, is accomplished
I set free those who are in bondage
I am called the Lawgiver
I brought up islands out of the depths into the Light
I am the Mistress of rain
I conquer Destiny
Destiny obeys me
Hail, O Egypt, that nourishes me!