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What are the benefits of meditaion? Here's a brief list- increases alertness and awareness of self, stimulates creativity, fosters positive and healthy self-esteem, energizes the spirit, rejuvenates the mind, and aligns and rebalances the self. Below are four easy and useful meditation techniques.

Mindfulness Meditation

Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed, your spine straight. Let your attention fall on your breathing. When thoughts, emotions, sensations, or external sounds arise, simply acknowledge and accept them, allowing them to pass through without judging or getting involved with them. When you notice your attention is engaged in thoughts, emotions, or sensations, bring it back to your breathing.

Inner Light Meditation

Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Look at the space behind your eyes- there will be particles or patterns of light. Gently focus your attention on this light. Don't try to interpret the images, dont focus clearly. Just look at the light with a relaxed attention. If you feel your consciousness shifting, or slipping into a dreamlike state, allow it to happen. Whatever you experience is ok. If have drifted into your thoughts, simply bring your attention back to the light.

Color Meditation

Sit comfortably, with your eyes closed. Visualize a large ball of glowing golden light above your head. Visualize the ball of light descending through your head, filling your entire being with golden light. Imagine absorbing the light as it nourishes, cleanses heals your body and spirit, dissolving all blocked and toxic energies. Repeat this process, visualizing a ball of red light, orange light; yellow light; green light; blue light; and purple light. Go through the entire spectrum, at a pace that feels comfortable. Take time to visualize yourself in a state of perfect, radiant health.

Relaxation Meditation

Sit comfortably with your spine straight. Allow your eyes to fall comfortably downward, gazing, but not focussed on anything. Without closing your eyes completely, let your eyelids drop. Continue gazing downward- the act of gazing is your primary focus, not the area at which you are gazing. You may notice your breathing is more rhythmic. It's ok to allow your attention drift a little, and if your eyes become very heavy, it's ok to let them close. If you come out of your relaxed space, simply bring your attention back to your downward gaze.