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Positive self affirmations are a powerful programming tool to free your mind of negative core beliefs- those endless tape loops you play in your head telling you you're not good enough to really have what you deserve out of life. Listed below are methods to help make using positive affirmations even more effective in transforming your life!
Add pictures to your affirmations. Use the power of your imagination to visualize a picture of what you want to affirm. Carry a mental image throughout the day. Cut pictures outof magazines of things you'd like, and post them on your mirror. Picture numbers in your checkbook, hundred dollar bills, smiles on the faces of people you love, your ideal weight, your perfect health. Use your imagination to create a symbolic image- see your heart glowing with warm healing light.
Place your affirmations around the house as reminders. Write them down and place them on your mirror. Call your answering machine and leave affirmation messages for yourself- a beautiful affirmation when you're checking those "urgent" phone messages from others making demands on you. Set your computer up to send automated affirmations to your work fax at timed intervals. Send yourself e-mails, mail yourself beautiful affirmations. And, of course, don't forget to post positve affirmations in your bathroom!
A powerful way to enhance your affirmations is to write them using first, second, and third person perspectives. Write the affirmation ten times in the first person: "I Jean Smith, am a happy, healthy, person." Next, write it ten more times from the second person: "Jean Smith, you are a happy, healthy person." Finally, write it ten more times from the third person: "Jeanne Gray, she sure is a happy, healthy, person." This technique creates affirmation not only from within your own self, but provides a general statement from all people and the surrounding world.
Work affirmations into your conversation with other people. Remember, to verbally state your affirmation to someone makes it true. Words are powerful magic. See your affirmation in other people and say it in the second person- "You are very happy." As you reep, so you will sow!
Place your affirmations on tape and play them back while you are driving to work, on a trip, or working around the house. Play them on your walkman while you're exercising. Make up a song with your affirmation. Be creative!
Sit down with pencil and paper and just start writing positive words. Fill up the whole page with beautiful, positive, peaceful, healing, spiritual, compassionate, patient, wholesome, intuitive, thoughtful, healthy, vibrant words.
Make a list of all your accomplishments, good qualities, achievements, good deeds, talents, blessings, positive traits. Think back on your life, and list only the good things. Make the list long! List everything you can think of. It's practice in positive thinking and affirmation. Make a list like this regularly.
You can turn problems into affirmations. First write a simple statement about your problem- what is the core belief surrounding this problem? Write an affirmation that is the complete opposite of the core belief. The core belief will contradict you when you say your new affirmation, but continue saying it. You will notice that the energy surrounding the core belief dissipating as you continue saying the new affirmation.
This technique is a powerful way to work through negative beliefs. As negative beliefs are recognized, think of the exact opposite. Then, verbally practice the contradicting statements aloud, with sureness and power. Keep repeating it until you can say it powerfully and genuinely.
The more powerful your positive affirmations, the more it will stimulate opposing ideas embedded in out thinking-negative beliefs. One technique to deal with this is to write down the negative as well. If you notice a negative thought as you are writing the positive affirmation, write it down on the next line. Awareness is change, and writing a negative response to an affirmation can increase awareness and clarity of what is standing in your way. Simply exposing the negative belief to your awareness will diminish it's power. Do this only during the first few days of any new affirmation work, then stop writing anything negative. It is done only to achieve clarity and awareness. Do your work in pencil, so you can eventually erase the negative belief and write over it with a positive affirmation. Draw a line through them as soon as you write them, striking them from your mind as soon as they come into it, then go back, erase, and affirm!