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How the Pendulum Works
The pendulum can be thought of as a tool of intuition, since it is used to gain access to knowledge that exists at the core of the Inner Being. It could be said that it strengthens or amplifies the intuition because it converts the subtle energies of the subconscious into a more obvious form of physical motion. When you ask a question of the pendulum, it is your own intuition that responds. The pendulum merely allows the reader to physically see what the intuition already knows. As a tool of intuition, the pendulum can give you information from the two sources that support intuition- from your own subconscious mind, and from your guiding spirit, or guardian angel. Because of how it operates, the pendulum can only answer questions that are phrased so that the answer can be either "yes" or "no".

Appropriate Questions to Ask the Pendulum
It is appropriate to ask a pendulum about things that are within your control, about situations where you have the right to make a choice, or about things the subconscious can gain access to. It would be appropriate to ask whether it would be good for you to marry a particular person, but it not appropriate to ask whether he is going to ask you to marry him, because that is not your right to choose. In the same way, it is not appropriate to ask if you are going to meet your Mr. Right today, because that is not within your control. However, it is appropriate to divine other's motivations, or who they really are, because this can accessed through a subconscious level. It is appropriate to ask "Can I trust him? Does he want me for a girlfriend, or just a friend?" The pendulum can be used to choose- to get an answer from the pendulum, simply ask any yes or no question about something specific, but only in areas where you have the right to make the decision- anything to do with health and healing, love or domestic relationships, career.

Things that can Cause a Wrong Answer from the Pendulum
The most important thing is how you phrase the question. Don't just ask "Is this man good for me"?" Good in what way? He may have both good and bad qualities. He may be extremely kindhearted, but unwilling to commit. So state the question more clearly such as "Would this man be a good candidate for a loving, long term relationship?"
Don't ask questions that are too general, such as "am I healthy?" Ask specific questions such as "Is my diet causing my health problems?"