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Crystals- the amazing properties of Quartz

Quartz is piezoelectric, which means that quartz generates an electrical charge. When this was discovered, different currents of electrical charge were pulsed through specially cut quartz, and it was found that quartz is a “stabilizer” and could be used to stabilize the frequency of radio transmissions. It was also discovered that quartz vibration is extremely consistent and predictable, so predictable in fact, that it was used to regulate clocks and watches. These same Quartz qualities can psitively structure, amplify, focus, store, transmit and transform spiritual, emotional, and intellectual energy.

The natural tendency of quartz is towards harmony and perfection. Every molecule vibrates perfectly, in its harmoniously latticed framework of energy. The vibration of these molecules is the vibration of the Earth, a vibration composed of plant, animal, mineral and human energy. Your personal vibration can be accessed through the medium of quartz, in the vibration of the Akashic record.

To allow me to access your Akashic record through the medium of quartz, go to the readings page.