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A crystal ball is simply a tool to focus awareness and concentration, allowing intuitive imagery to surface from our connection to Universal energies. This is called scrying. Scrying involves emptying the mind, and maintaining a state of meditative relaxation, while focusing on the question at hand. This will allow a vision to form within the crystal itself, or deep within the mind's eye.

Visions come in many different forms. You may recieve actual visions of people or places, or you may see symbolic pictures. Another form of vision are color clouds, which are reflections of the questioner's aura. Although no one has been successful in identifying absolutely what each color cloud means, many scryers have found that;

Blue clouds symbolize success in career or business
Gold clouds symbolize prosperity, steady cash flow, and renewed romance
Gray/Dark gray symbolize ill fortune
Black clouds symbolize serious ill fortune
Green clouds symbolize health, and happiness of the heart
Orange clouds symbolize hidden aggression and anger, and troubled emotions
Red clouds symbolize potential danger, and a need to be careful
Silver clouds symbolize troubled times ahead, followed by good fortune
White clouds symbolize very good fortune
Yellow clouds symbolize upcoming obstacles

By accessing the Akashic Record, (the energetic recording of your soul's journey since it's inception. It is everything about you, all around you, and within you. It is everything you are, have been, and are yet to become) a scryer can not only access insight into your present life situation, but also into the Karmic path your soul has followed from previous incarnations.

Crystal gazing is ideal for divining the real issue at hand in a person's life- sometimes it's not what you think it is. If you are experiencing confusion, and need a little 'crystal' clarity about the situation at hand, a crystal ball reading may be for you. Typically, it is recommended that you avoid questions about predicting the future, and stick with the Now, although there are some exceptions to this. These are aspects you may want to explore through the vision of the crystal ball:

spiritual growth
interaction with friends and family
repeating patterns and behaviors
influences from past lives
what is to be learned from this issue

With the visions recieved through the spiritual medium embodied by a clear, pefected crystal, I can help you clear the images and energies that keep you from creating your own miracles!